Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Carbon Mild Steel Sheet Information

Carbon steel is unique in terms of qualities making it a sought-after material in different home or business construction projects. If carbon is the main alloying constituent, then it is called carbon steel. However, not all carbon steel products contain the same amount of carbon so there are different types based on the product's carbon content. They are as follows:

• Mild Steel - This carbon steel product, like mild steel sheet, contains about 0.16% to 0.29% carbon. Mild steel is relatively cheap compared to other steel variants and can be used for many different applications. This material is commonly used for construction purposes which require large amounts of steel.

• Medium Steel - This product is strong and has good resistance to wear and tear. Medium steel is commonly used for large metal structures as well as automotive components.

• High Steel - As the name implies, this type has high carbon content and is mainly used for the manufacture of high-strength springs, wires, and others.

• Ultra-high Steel - This type is used for manufacturing hard products like masonry materials and cutting tools (i.e. knives, axles) and for non-industrial purposes because of its high-level of hardness and strength.

Mild Steel Sheets for Welding

As mentioned earlier, a mild steel sheet is one that has a low content of carbon in it and this type is a favourite in construction and also in industrial and commercial fabrication. It is used in about 85% of welding. Aside from the sheets, wire and mild steel pipes are also used for welding. This type of steel is welded by using resistance welding or by using gas. The great thing about this material is that it can be bent, moved, twisted or worked into different shapes as it is welded.

It is used in various types of welding such as:

• Flux-covered arc welding - This type of welding is preferred by many when it comes to welding done in outdoor environment and makes use of a flux-covered wire.

• Gas-metal arc welding - This type of welding makes use of solid electrode wire that is made of mild steel that is in copper colour for rust prevention.

• MIG welding - This type of welding is one of the easiest and is ideal for welding in an indoor environment.


  1. Mild steel sheet and other sheet metal 1/16” to 1/8” thick can be butt jointed without special edge preparation.

  2. Mild steel has been the most widely used alloy for structural and industrial applications since the beginning of industrial revolution. The use of acid media in the study of oxidization of mild steel has become important because of its industrial applications such as acid pickling, industrial cleaning.

  3. Mild steel, also known as low carbon steel, corrodes when exposed to hydrochloric acid (HCl). Various synthetic compounds are used to prevent corrosion of steel used in acidic environments, but many of these compounds are harmful to humans and/or the environment. Some cause only temporary damage, such as soft tissue irritation, while others can cause irreparable damage to internal organs or disrupt enzymatic or biochemical processes in the human body.